Web hosting and integration


An online presence is essential for your business in the 21st century. Many people have the perception that social media is all they need to provide an online presence. It is however very difficult to provide comprehensive information about your business and products using social media. To do this you need a well designed, and reliable website.

I can provide the following services:

  • Consult on the appropriate hosting for your organisation
    • Shared web hosting - setup and management
    • Dedicated hosting - setup and management
    • Cloud based hosting - AWS and Google Cloud setup and management
    • On premises hosting - apache or nginx (intranet hosting)
  • Consult on the appropriate platform for your website: I am familiar with, and use the platforms below
    • Wordpress and Managed Wordpress - Wordpress is the most popular platform at the moment
    • Ghost - Ghost is a very fast easy to use platform based on node.js
    • Hugo - Hugo generates static websites and can be hosted almost anywhere.
  • Configure your hosting and website platform